Sic Parvis Magna
Anonymous: are you an xbox or ps person

Pumpkin Head Drake and Jacko gun skin


And I, of course, am Pagan Min.

ACTOR MEME: Henry Cavill
Favorite Movie: Man of Steel, 2013


you now cosplay your icon for every day of your life from now on how screwed are you


video game meme scenery [3/7] - brothers: a tale of two sons


The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)


Video Game Challenge: Video Games [6/7]

Uncharted (series)
Uncharted is a series of video games developed by the award-winning company Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 3. Each game revolves around the adventures of protagonist Nathan Drake; a modern-day treasure hunter and action pro, as he attempts to unearth various historical mysteries.

LOST appreciation week | day four: favourite relationship (Sawyer x Juliet)

Kiss me, James. You got it, Blondie.